13 Gift Ideas for New Moms (That They’ll Actually Want!)


Whether you are a first-time mom or a veteran mom, we know the overwhelm that takes over once we are home and navigating our new normal. The daily tasks of laundry, cleaning, and even showering can feel impossible to get done.

These 13 gift ideas for new moms were consciously created for friends and family attending upcoming baby showers or sprinkles to help keep the mom or mom-to-be in mind when purchasing gifts.

Does the baby need another onesie? No. Does mom need help with laundry? Definitely.

13 Gift Ideas for New Moms

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1. Laundry Service

Laundry is inevitable. Help them take a load off with a gift card for a local laundry service.

2. Meal Delivery Service

Continue to reduce the mental load by giving the gift of ready-to-heat and eat prepared foods or preportioned recipe ingredients delivered right to their door. Local options include Feast & FettleFactor, and Home Chef.

3. Flower Subscription

As new moms, we spend unimaginable time in our homes. Please set up a subscription for flower delivery to bring a smile to their face, or gift a gift card so they can coordinate what works best for them. Check out the different options Bloomsy offers for delivery frequency and flower types.

4. Cleaning Service

The gift of a clean house speaks right to a new mom’s heart. Whether for the whole house or 1-2 rooms, this makes a great gift to decrease the cleaning and increase the cuddles.

5. Household Coupons

Maybe mom won’t want outside help with a newborn, but what about a friend? Or a family member? Print out “redeem for ____” coupons and gift them to Mom to cash in when it is convenient for her!

Examples include:

  • Grocery shopping/pick-up
  • Cleaning Task
  • Take the baby for a walk
  • Baby-free coffee and shower (yes, please)

6. Audible Gift Card

Give the gift of audible! A gift card allows moms to toss in their headphones while their baby naps or during a late-night feed and catch up on their reading or favorite podcast.

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7. Dry Bar Gift Card

As new moms, we are lucky to get in our daily shower, never mind a blowout. A gift card and an hour of self-care can do wonders for the first few months of motherhood. Check out the Drybar site for gift card options!

8. Portable Phone Charger

*Mic drop*. The gift of a fully charged phone during those long nights, nursing sessions, or snapping that 100th adorable photo of the day is explanation enough. They will surely thank you!

9. Connection Cards

Motherhood is hard. The challenges couples face in those early months can be difficult to navigate, but with the help of some 1-1 on time, that connection can be catered to. The Adventure Challenge and other collections easily found on Amazon are a great choice.

10. Door Dash or Uber Eats

The meal plan is covered, but what about those “I need…” moments throughout the day? She will be ready to tackle any day by having a few gift cards handy.

Baby Milestone Photo
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11. Mini Photo Printer

The baby book may not be a priority, and it will eventually get done, but in the meantime, Mom can print her favorites in real time. Or print the sweetest milestone photos to mail to relatives (because getting to the store to print is highly unlikely when you’re in between bottle cleaning or endless diaper changes).


12. Birthday Cards

Hear me out! A couple of sets of generic birthday cards are perfect for that last-minute OOPS! When you realize the date, it’s Grandma’s birthday. Or when your oldest has a birthday party that didn’t quite make it on the calendar and starts in less than 1 hour.

13. Local Mommy & Me

Rhode Island is lucky to have SO many incredible mommy and me classes for new moms and beyond to attend. Having a gift card to one of the many options will give mom a reason to get out of the house and enjoy some particular time with her little one.

Babies deserve all the love they are about to receive. And moms do, too. We hope you found these 13 gift ideas for new moms helpful!

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