Partnerships & Affiliate Disclosure

Founded in 2017, the mission of Rhode Island Moms is rooted in our desire to connect mothers to each other and to the city that we love. By providing relevant & timely information and resources, as well as organic content meant to unite and connect, Boston Moms has created a robust and accessible platform for parents and businesses alike.

As moms ourselves, we understand the power of the mom-to-mom recommendation. We love to provide resources and recommendations for products and services that aim to make YOUR life easier. Sometimes, the content you see on this website is sponsored by a business (local or national). If this is the case, sponsorship disclosures will be seen at the top of our post and on our branding. Our goal is to provide information to readers and to introduce you to businesses or organizations you may not have known about otherwise! By featuring paid content like this, we are able to devote the remainder of our resources to continue to create next-level and high caliber resources that local parents have come to expect over the last several years.

Similarly, we sometimes link to affiliate links when we share purchases we love and recommend. This means if you click on a product we suggest, and you purchase from that link, Boston Moms may make make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Every product we share is something our team genuinely loves, recommends, and uses our selves!

Thank you for being here and for supporting Rhode Island Moms! It is our privilege to serve you.