Bake A Rainbow Cake! & The Power of Sprinkles

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We all have those things that, for whatever reason, we think of as quintessentially mom. Those things that we feel compelled to do in order to consider ourselves worthy of the title. I don’t do notes in the lunchbox. The kid’s baby books are woefully lacking in any real content (ok fine, only my first even has a baby book), and we haven’t taken a family photo in 3 years. I’ve come to terms with these areas of my mothering- they are what they are and that’s ok.

Like everyone else, there are a few things on my list that I just can’t quite get past. Two of these are instilling a love for cooking into my kids, and mastering the art of the homemade birthday cake. I’m doing ok with the “getting my kids to love cooking” thing – sure I’m a bit too impatient in the kitchen sometimes & there’s always the struggle of the two-year-old wanting to “help” when I’m trying to cook with the five-year-old, but we’re getting there.

But I’m on the struggle bus with the birthday cakes. I’m not terribly artistic and I just don’t have the patience required to make the amazing, intricate designs I see on Pinterest. I’ve made do ok so far. One year the boys wanted a construction cake. That was pretty easy- construction sites are messy, so big piles of “dirt” were totally appropriate. Another year I just put green frosting on a bunch of cupcakes and shaped them like a dinosaur.

Now I have a daughter. And as she quickly approaches three I’m having panic attacks at the thought of her requesting princesses and unicorns and other cakes that are well beyond my capacity.

But then I learned about the Power of Sprinkles. Have you guys heard of Amirah Kassem? If not, I’ll wait while you check out her Facebook and Instagram

Welcome back. I don’t know about you, but I want that kind of happy in my life, and I knew I had to give her books, Bake A Rainbow Cake!, The Magical Land of Birthdays, and The Power of Sprinkles a try.

small child looking at Bake a Rainbow Cake! by Amirah Kassem
Amirah’s love for creating cakes is evident in her books, which have something to offer the whole family.  Her second book, The Magical Land of Birthdays, is for older kids, centers around birthday traditions from around the world, and contains baking tips for budding cake artists.

The Power of Sprinkles, a cookbook that offers 29 different cake recipes, is just what I needed in light of a 3-year-old who clearly overestimates her mother’s baking skill level. In it, Amirah shares the joy of creating and the belief that baking a cake for someone is the best thing in the world. And she offers those of us who take perfectionism a little too far a beautiful “out”- when it comes to cake decorating, any mistake can be covered in sprinkles (and everyone will love it anyway!).

Perhaps the best of all is her latest book, Bake a Rainbow Cake!. A board book with wheels, flaps and tabs, Bake a Rainbow Cake! allows my two-year-old to “bake” right along with us as we work on our cake-making skills. Not only does she love the surprise sprinkles at the end of the book, but she loves being able to tell us our next steps as we work through the recipes including her along the way.

child mixing with Bake A Rainbow Cake! by Amriah Kassem
Bake a rainbow Cake! by Amriah Kassem
Child reading Bake a Rainbow Cake! by Amirah Kassem

I know that as my kids begin cooking (and reading!) independently, Amirah’s books will have a longstanding place in our kitchen, and our bookshelves.

Amirah Kassem books | Providence Mom

Amirah Kassem with sprinkles cake
Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Mega-popular Flour Shop founder Amirah Kassem’s new books bring something fun for everyone in the family – lift the flaps on Bake a Rainbow Cake! with your littlest ones, explore the Magical Land of Birthdays with your tweens, and get creative in the kitchen with the whole family with her bestselling cookbook, The Power of Sprinkles. So turn off the tech, turn on the oven, and jump into the delicious world of books from Amirah Kassem. Learn more at