Petals of Fun: 9 Flower Activities to Brighten Your Day


A young child holding a dandelion in their hands

Rhode Island is beginning to burst with color – from the cherry blossom trees on Board Street to the fields of daffodils in Newport. Here is a list of different flower activities to encourage your little ones to get outside and brighten up your spring day! 

Flower Soup

Pick a handful of fresh cut flowers and invite your little ones to sort the flowers into categories: stems, flowers and leaves. Now you have all the ingredients for flower soup!  Next, fill up a bucket with water and mix in your ingredients. This activity can be created using fresh picked flowers or wilting bouquets. Your little ones may choose to dump and pour using ladles, shovels or cups too!

Little hands exploring the parts of a sunflower
Photo taken by Stephanie Greenhalgh

Carnations Science Experiment 

Explore how flowers soak up water with this simple science experiment. All you will need to gather are white carnations, food coloring and small cups of water. Invite your child to pick a color to drop into each container of water. Place your flowers in a sunny spot and don’t forget to make predictions about what might happen next! Watch the magic unfold as the flower petals slowly begin to change color over time.

Lavender Playdough

Invite the smells of sweet lavender indoors with this simple playdough recipe. Mix together flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, oil and dried lavender buds. You may also choose to use a few drops of lavender essential oil to enhance the lavender scent. This activity doubles as a calming and tactile sensory experience for little hands and will last all month long in an airtight container.

Lavendar blooms, a ball of playdough and playdough tools
Photo courtesy of Teach Make Create @teachmakecreate

Cardboard Nature Weaving

Set out on a nature walk and gather wildflowers along the way! You and your little one can carry your found treasures on a piece of recycled cardboard wrapped in rubber bands. Weave your found treasures through the rubber bands as you walk. Other ways to showcase a collection of flowers is by creating a nature bracelet made out of heavy duty tape.

Flowers displayed on a cardboard card
Photo courtesy of Baby Bear Went To Play

Nature Paintbrushes

Flower stems and textured leaves can transform into paint brushes with just a few simple steps. Use flowers gathered from the garden or a nature walk and attach them to a short stick with string. Dip the ends in paint and voilà – your nature paint brushes are ready to dab, sweep or print on any surface. Stems and leaves that made unique paint markings are green pine needles and purple lilac blossoms.

Flower Cutting and Arrangements

Something so simple to set up can lead to some big play! Gather flower stems, an assortment of containers and water to create flower arrangements. If your child can safely use scissors, you may invite them to cut the stems before dropping them in each vase. Next, add water using a small pitcher to ensure the flowers have the nutrients they need to continue to bring you joy for days to come. 

Little hands cutting flower stems in a bowl
Photo courtesy of Tabitha Orchard @tabithaorchard

Flower Masterpieces

Arrange a bouquet of flowers in a vase for inspiration for your next art masterpiece. Invite your littles one to use different art mediums (i.e. watercolor, oil pastels) to capture the colors and texture of the flowers in front of them. Use clipboards or recycled cardboard boxes to build homemade easels and then let your paintbrush soar!

Sunflower art on tabletop easels and flowers in a vase
Photo courtesy of Teach Make Create @teachmakecreate

Pressed Flower Lanterns

Arrange your freshly picked flowers in a show spotting, one-of-a-kind lantern! Simply recycle an old pasta or jelly jar and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam paintbrush. Carefully place each pressed flower or leaf before adding a final second layer of Mod Podge. Add a piece of twice or a battery operated tea light to bring it to life!

Two pressed flower lanterns
Photo courtesy of Little Pine Learners @littlepinelearners

Flower Mandalas 

Create a nature mandala using bright colorful blooms from your garden. Find a spot outdoors to carefully place each flower in a circular pattern and watch the mandala unfold. A mandala symbolizes hope, love, compassion, beauty, growth, connecting and passion. It is a beautiful way to welcome in the new season of spring!

Colorful flower mandala
Photo taken by Sue Walsh

We hope these 9 simple flower activities are a fun way to encourage outdoor play with your little ones this spring! Be sure to leave your favorite flower activity in the comments below!


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