Michelle Mercure

Michelle Mercure
Michelle is a lifelong resident of Rhode Island. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts in English, she spent over ten years working with children in special education. She now enjoys teaching kids how to learn the English language online, as well as pursuing a freelance writing career. She is also a food blogger who spends her time creating content geared towards helping parents and kids learn healthy eating habits. As a single parent, a homeschooling mother and a special education advocate, her passion is forging meaningful relationships within the community to create positive changes for children. Her YouTube Channel is dedicated to helping families with kids stay healthy on a budget, and she is currently writing a series of children’s recipe books that will be self published in the next year. In her free time, she enjoys coffee, snuggling with her cat, cooking in her kitchen and going on hikes with her son. She hopes to meet you in her travels! Her hair color changes frequently, though, so you might not recognize her at first glance.

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