Yes, It’s Summer, but Back to School Begins Now


You may be reading this at the beach; while the kids are at camp, and you’re at your work desk (we won’t tell); maybe in the middle of the night by the hum of the AC. Wherever you are right now, the thought has probably crossed your mind – “Summer’s halfway over!”. While I’m certainly an early preparer, chances are, like most ‘school-age’ parents, you’re already making a mental list of things needed for the new school year. For those who want to get the prep work done now, or are struggling to know where to start, here’s a quick checklist for some school year prepping, all which can be done now. Every family and child differs, so add, delete, or alter in any way you see fit!

  • Find your extra labels from last year, then buy new labels if needed (we love Mabels Labels in our house, and It’s Mine! Labels is a New England Based Company)
  • Check out the school tupperware and water bottles – do you need fresh ones? (If they’re going to camp every day, chances are you do!)
  • Sort through the clothes to see what your kid(s) has for the new school year. Make a list of what’s needed.
  • Have fun ordering the new clothes to fill in the gaps (remember fresh socks, underwear, and shoes!) I like to fill my online cart over the course of a week, and add as I think of new things.
  • Grab new shoes.  Kid feet grow fast, and they’ll definitely need sneakers for Phys Ed. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair in a size up as well- that day they wake up and the shoes don’t fit? You’ll be prepared.
  • Take stock of the backpacks and lunchboxes – Check to see if it’s time for a refresh. Land’s End and Pottery Barn get their new gear in the summer (and have great sales now!).
  • With the APA’s recent recommendation that kids over 2 and staff in schools wear masks this fall, you’ll want to check the mask collection. If your kids favorite masks have seen better days, you’ll want to restock, and doing it before the rush of back to school will ensure you’ve got plenty of masks from day 1!
  • Start grabbing a couple school supplies you know they’ll need during every Target run. Supply lists will be out soon, but there are a few things you know you can get now (pencils, notebooks, etc).
  • Write out all the meals you know your family eats – this will be helpful in September, when there are a million other things on your list to do, and you need a fast idea.
  • When making dinners this month (baked ravioli, crockpot meals, etc) double the recipe and throw the extra bag in the freezer – you will thank yourself later!
  • Finally, the one no one likes: get back into a morning routine. One way we do this is that my son has to be dressed for the day by the time I’m out of the shower. Yes, he’s annoyed. Yes, this will save the “I don’t want to get out of my pajamas” fight during the first weeks of school!

Is there something you’re doing now to get ready for the school year? Share with us – every tip and trick helps!