By Two More Feet: Should We Have Another Baby?


Two More Feet Expand Family Another Baby Providence Moms BlogI knew I wanted to have a child shortly after my husband and I fell in love. It sounds cliché to say, but it wasn’t until then that I could really see myself taking care of a little human being and sharing the journey of parenting with someone. During our four years of dating and two years of marriage, we talked at length about the right time to expand our family. I was very clear that I only wanted one child.

Fast forward to now, more than seven years after the day we met, and the proud parents of a fifteen month old little boy and a 4 year old dog. Our lives are chaotic on an every day basis. As a full time working mom, wife, daughter, and sister, there are days that I can’t imagine anything else on our plates. It’s a challenge to get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door at 8:12 every morning – and a bonus if everyone has a smile on their face in the process.  Yet, I have this feeling deep inside of me that our family isn’t complete. I’ve tried fighting it off (with all the rational explanations of how unbelievably insane life would be with another child) and have even found myself trying to savor and accept my sons milestones as the last “firsts.”  The feeling inside of me is a crazy mix of emotions (albeit some hormonal) that bounces back and forth from excitement to nerves to fear to exhaustion and back to excitement in one fell swoop. Sometimes, I can actually have all of these feelings on the subject in a matter of a few hours.

Two More Feet Expand Family Another Baby Providence Moms Blog

On a day where everything is running smoothly (a semi healthy and adequately tasting dinner is cooking in the oven, the laundry has gone through the drier fewer than three times, my email inbox is under 350, and the list of things to do is hovering plus or minus six) I am all about adding another child to our lives. On the days when it’s not, I can’t even imagine how all the multiple child bearing mamas are getting by!  There are people who say that “you’ll know when the time is right,” but I’m not exactly sure if that’s true. Here’s a synopsis of the discussions between my husband and I on the topic:

ME:  He needs a sibling!

HIM:  We’re just coming out of the fog now and we would be starting all over again.

ME:  I can’t handle anything else right now.

HIM:  We’re not getting any younger and it will be nice if they are close in age.

ME:  What’s one more?

HIM:  How will we pay for two in daycare? What about college? Can’t we just get another dog?

ME: I can already feel our house being too small.

HIM: We’re not first timers, it will be easier.

ME: Our child is an angel, what if the next one is a terror?


We’re both very rational people and have talked at length about out our feelings on the subject.

Having a second child is a decision that we’re not taking lightly. How did you know that it was time to expand your family or call it complete? We want to hear from you!



  1. Well, at least you didn’t use the argument “how could we ever love another child as much as this one” – because believe me, you will. Two kids are hard, don’t get me wrong. Just as you learn to function with one, you’ll grow and learn and get there with two. I love the fact that I get to raise sisters. I’m filled with joy and nostalgia of my own childhood growing up with a sister close in age. I also know what a huge impact my own sister has had on my life. No one understands where I’m coming from better than her. 🙂 On the flip side, only you and your husband know what’s best for your family. Maybe you don’t have the answer now, but it will become clear at some point!

  2. Love reading these! Ummm, when I found out I was pregnant, haha. I think you will always wonder either way. The first year is tough I’m not gonna lie but now the kids keep each other company as I run around the house like a crazy person. Now I’m crying thinking the first milestones are the last… and my dryer almost always goes at least 3-5 times, glad to know I’m not alone.

  3. We have two, 3 and 1. We knew we wanted more before we got pregnant with our first. Then we got pregnant without trying or being married. We lived in the best apartment on the west end and quickly realized that our dual income no kids lifestyle was about to quickly change. After we got married, had our daughter and bought a house (all within 30 days) we loved and adored her and knew we wanted another. We decided shortly after she turned 1 we would start trying for number 2. Our son was born right after she turned 2 and it wasn’t always easy but man has it been fun. They play so well together and our daughter runs into his room every morning. Of course in the early stages my husband came home from work and I’d yell “don’t touch me” because I was touched out. But there’s nothing I’d change – do what feels right for you guys. There’s no right or wrong answer.

  4. We knew we wanted two before we started trying. However, it took two years of trying (and a lot of tears, doctors appointments, and an eventual thyroid diagnosis) to have Aiden. We were thrilled, but I was convinced we would only be able to have the one. Imagine our surprise when I got pregnant with Oliver when Aiden was only 10 months old! It can be complicated, especially when they’re so close in age, but now at 5 (“and a half Mom!”) and 7, they are best buddies. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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