Fall Crafts, Recipes, & Activities {50+ ideas}


Fall crafts using colorful leaves

We’re all spending a lot more time at home this year.

Here are 50+ ideas for fall crafts, recipes, and activities to help keep you busy all season long.


  1. Build a scarecrow by stuffing old clothes full of newspaper 
  2. Make paper bats, ghost, or pumpkins
  3. Carve a jack-o- lantern, and think outside the gourd! Apples, bell pepper, and oranges can all wear eerie grins. Use your imagination! 
  4. Try this cute fox craft
  5. Make a wreath from fallen leaves, acorns, or pinecones
  6. Make a DIY Halloween costume
  7. This leaf family craft for preschoolers
  8. Roast pumpkin seeds and try different flavor combinations (salt & pepper, cinnamon sugar, curry powder, chillie & lime…)
  9. Build a haunted castle with empty toilet paper tubes
  10. Carve a pumpkin ‘volcano’
  11. Have the kids work on homemade Christmas gifts for the grandparents
  12. Make buttered cheerios that look just like mini donuts
  13. String up fallen leaves with a needle and thread to make a garland (Little ones can use plastic needles)
  14. Make pennants of your favorite sports team using craft paper and glue
  15. Build a DIY birdfeeder 
  16. Decorate fall-themed sugar cookies
  17. Make apple paint stamps or pumpkin apple stamps
  18. Send postcards (or thank you cards) to people you’re thankful for
  19. Press beautiful leaves in a book, or etch over them using tracing paper and charcoal
  20. Use your fallen leaves  to start a compost pile (You can build the bin yourself)
  21. Core apples, hang them on a string, let them dry
  22. Use yellow, orange, red, and brown paint to make ‘leaf’ handprints
  23. Try this easy salt crystal leaf STEM activity
  24. Let your toddler collect fallen leaves and then cut them up with child-safe scissors
  25. Fly a kite you make yourself
  26. Build different paper airplanes and see which one flies best
  27. Make smores and using different types of chocolate bars (You could get really crafty and build the firepit too!)
  28. Make your own caramel popcorn balls or caramel apples
  29. Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles
  30. Plant flower bulbs for next spring
  31. Make your own no-sew facemask
  32. Paint rocks with fall colors or designs
  33. Try origami (It’s surprisingly therapeutic)
  34. Make a collage of things you’re thankful for
  35. Make a candy cornucopia 
  36. Mix-up some three-ingredient smores trail mix: mini marshmallows, chocolate chips & Teddy Grahams
  37. Make thankfulness trees or turkeys out of construction paper. Write one thing you are thankful for on each leaf or feather
  38. Cut paper spiderwebs 
  39. Fall-themed sensory bin: fill a plastic bin with popcorn kernels, fake leaves, measuring cups, and fall colored pom poms
  40. Bake these four-ingredient pumpkin apple dog treats for Fido (or your toddler that thinks they’re a puppy)
  41. Have the little ones make ghosts by gluing cotton balls to paper or cardboard
  42. Build Q-tip skeletons on black construction paper
  43. Make muddy buddies or cinnamon-sugar Chex mix
  44. Make a classic handprint turkey
  45. Take up knitting/crochet, or teach the kids how to finger-knit
  46. Make a paper plate turkey wreath 
  47. Bake this one bowl, life-changing pumpkin bread
  48. Draw a tree trunk on paper and make the leaves using fall-colored fingerpaints. (See if you can get the whole family to be a part of this one!)
  49. Make this pumpkin slime using actual pumpkin guts
  50. Thread a garland of fresh cranberries and popcorn
  51. If you have pinecones near you, try making these cute little owls 

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