Delta Dental of Rhode Island Supports RI Restaurants

Our partners at Delta Dental are committed to supporting local RI restaurants, and we are pleased to join them in sharing this information with you.

If we’re looking for positive things in the midst of a global pandemic, the rallying-around of local businesses is most definitely one of them. At the top of the list is Delta Dental of Rhode Island, which has committed over $20,000 of support to Rhode Island restaurants. Through their Share A Smile program, Rhode Islanders can tag their favorite restaurant and be entered to win one of 20 gift cards in a drawing each Friday.  This is the last week of the program, so be sure to read below to see how to enter!

From Delta Dental of Rhode Island:

When we think about what makes us smile, a meal with family and friends at one
of Rhode Island’s great local restaurants often tops the list. And while COVID-19 prevents us from doing that right now, Delta Dental of Rhode Island has launched a new way to support your favorite local restaurant and treat yourself and your family to something delicious.

The company’s new #Share a Smile campaign asks Rhode Islanders to share the names of restaurants that make them smile for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Rhode Island restaurant of their choice.

Here’s how to enter:

All commenters who tag a Rhode Island restaurant are entered into a random drawing for a $50 gift card to the restaurant they’ve tagged. Delta Dental will randomly select multiple winners each week during this campaign. In total, Delta Dental of Rhode Island’s efforts in 2020 will provide Rhode Island restaurants with more than $20,000 of support.

“We’re so proud of the positivity we see throughout Rhode Island, and we developed this campaign to honor and encourage that positivity while supporting our local restaurants, who are critical to the state’s economy,” said Joseph R. Perroni, president and CEO of Delta Dental of Rhode Island. “For a company dedicated to supporting healthy smiles, encouraging people to share theirs and to share their love for local restaurants was a natural fit.”

“The Rhode Island business community benefits when we pull together to support each other, and we are excited to see all the creative ways that businesses are supporting each other to mitigate financial impacts of this crisis.,” Perroni said.
Learn more about the #Share a Smile campaign by visiting For a roundup of weekly winners, follow Delta Dental of Rhode Island on Facebook at @Delta Dental of RI.

Delta Dental of Rhode Island is the state’s leading dental insurer, administering dental benefits for more than 600,000 members. Learn more at

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