Extra Innings: Fenway Park with Kids

Tickets to this game were provided by Fenway Park and the Red Sox.

The First Inning (when it all began)

I vividly remember the first time I went to Fenway Park. I was ten and it was overwhelming in the most amazing way possible. The people, the movement, the smell of pretzels and sausages, the noise of excited fans. Baseball sets my soul on fire. I love the game, and Fenway Park is the heart of the sport. One of the first things I thought when I found out I was pregnant was that I couldn’t wait to share baseball- share Fenway- with my child.

Since that first, magical visit to Fenway, I’ve been countless times. For bachelorette parties, for my birthday, for my graduation, for a night out without kids. I don’t even care if it’s standing room only, anyway I can get there, I do. I’ve even seen concerts at Fenway. We are acquainted, Fenway Park, and I. But there are still some things left to be discovered, as I found out when I brought my (almost) ten-year-old son to a game recently. Full disclosure, he’s been to Fenway before. He’s seen the players under the lights, he’s sang ‘so good, so good, so good!’ along with Neil Diamond in the 8th, and he’s eaten a Fenway Frank. He had not, however, been to the Kids Concourse.

Sharing the Love of the Game

This trip to Fenway Park was focused on him, on experiencing everything he possibly could. He bee-lined to the Bobblehead Display and loved the display cases with sports memorabilia. Fenway even labeled one display case, ‘Where The Dream Begins’, and how true it was! As my son looked at Little League cards of Mookie Betts, Dave Price, and Brock Holt, I could see the gears in his head spinning. Everyone starts small, you have to walk before you run and you have to play Little League before you get a shot at knocking one over the Green Monster. Dreams begin here, inspiration is born within these historic walls.

The Kids Concourse was lined with delicious ball game eats to snack on while waiting to indulge in some great attractions. My son choose to do the “How Fast Can You Throw?” activity first. While waiting for our turn, we got to pose for photos with life-size Lego creations of Wally and Big Papi. It also gave us the opportunity to read the inscriptions on the bricks that made up the walkway. One read, simply, ‘Fenway is the essence of baseball.’ The details are what makes Fenway amazing.

A Whole New Experience 

Who knew that Fenway had AR? I sure didn’t. My son got to experience a Home Run derby at Fenway via AR and loved every second of it. We even came back during the 6th inning to have a second turn! He also got to take a AR (Augmented Reality) tour of a dugout and used my new MLB BallPark app to scan QR codes around the park to get additional experiences! We also used the app to play Bingo during the game, which is a great way to teach your kiddo more about the game and have some additional fun!



Just when we thought we were done with the activities in the Kids Concourse, we had the pleasure of watching a very talented caricature artist creating a portrait of another fan! We also signed up for Red Sox Kid Nation while we were there. There are free and paid memberships, with varying perks, including a free kids ticket! My son walked away with a Red Sox backpack, glove, lanyard, and a huge smile.

During the 4th inning, we visited the concourse again to snap a picture with Tessie and check out Wally’s Clubhouse, another new discovery for us. Wally’s Clubhouse is perfect for any parent. visiting Fenway with a child- from toddler to school age. While there were building blocks, tumbling mats, and tons of floor play, my son opted to created his own helmet design and get some time on the Wii baseball. (Don’t worry, the clubhouse has giant tv screens so parents can keep an eye on the game with junior plays). There’s even a mock locker room featuring some greats like Pedro Martinez- my personal favorite.  Oh, and the best part, there’s an ice cream bar for the kiddos and an actual bar for the grown-ups! Perfection! It was a great spot to take a break, move around, and have some hands-on experiences.


Extra Innings

I love being at Fenway. Whether it’s in the third row behind the dugout trying to catch foul balls or in the last seat in the place, it’s never a bad view. I love everything about Fenway Park. Fenway’s attention to detail and their commitment to families who love the game has made my son feel the same way I do. Sharing this place and this experience with my son in a way that makes him as happy as it makes me is priceless. Moneyball said it best, “it’s hard not to be romantic about baseball,” and Fenway makes it easy for the whole family to fall in love with Red Sox, with the game, and with this ballpark.


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