My Daughter’s Best Friend


Daughter's Best Friend Nana Providence Moms BlogMy 8 year old daughter has a wonderful best friend. She’s loving, thoughtful, caring, sweet, and kind. I have no problem letting my daughter spend weekends or afternoons after school at her house. She comes to every sports game she can; she cheers her on and tells her how great she did, even if it wasn’t her best day. She’s her biggest cheerleader and best support system.

Olivia’s best friend is my mother. I don’t say this as a cute “isn’t that adorable” thing. My mother and my 8 year old are best friends and have been since she was about a week old.  We had the privilege of living with my parents until Olivia was 3 years old. While this was not ideal for a young couple, the bond Nana and Olivia formed is something to be in awe of.  Watching them makes my heart happy. They truly adore one another and enjoy simply being in each other’s company. 

My mother is her third parent; everyone in our family knows that. When she is upset or having a bad day, 9 out of 10 times she’s going to ask for Nana. Years ago, the idea that I was not my child’s first source of comfort hurt; it made me green with envy. As time has gone by and as she’s gotten older, I’ve grown thankful for their bond.


This bond will be my daughter’s safety net. She will always have an extra set of ears to hear her cries; she will always have an extra shoulder to cry on when a boy breaks her heart. We are also lucky enough to live in the same town as my parents, so when those ugly tween and teen years creep in, she can escape to Nana’s house for some peace and quiet. I take solace in the fact that having another adult that she trusts to the fullest can only be beneficial if we’re going to survive that lovely time of life.

When Olivia was little I couldn’t appreciate how special this relationship was, but now the blinders are off.  My favorite dream is that their relationship only strengthens in the years to come.  Olivia will always have a best friend in Nana, and that is something I will forever be grateful for.

If my day comes and I get to be a Nana, I can only hope to be half as adored by my grandchildren as my mother is by mine. 


  1. Very touching and a great reminder that all family (and friends) are invaluable potential sources of support for children at every stage.

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