Teal Pumpkin Project


It’s Halloween time, which in our house means we are talking about Halloween costumes, nonstop. Seriously. My 5-year-old asks every day to go to the Halloween store to look at costumes. Elsa has been a top contender since the day she saw Frozen. Other times she wants to be a witch, and every once in a while, she mixes it up and asks to be a giraffe or something very random.

I’m sure your kids are like mine: so excited for Halloween, the excitement of dressing up, going out with friends and the best part, getting candy.

Candy, every kid’s favorite thing. Every kid who doesn’t have a food allergy. Enter the Teal Pumpkin Project. Houses who are aware of kids who have food allergies put out a Teal Pumpkin to signify the house doesn’t have candy. Either they are candy-free entirely, or they have allergy-safe alternatives.

When kids see the teal pumpkin, they know the house is safe for them, and to them, that’s the best feeling in the world. Most homes use pencils, stickers, or something small. Some kids with food allergies wear gloves on Halloween, even if it’s not cold to protect themselves from allergens. When they get home, their parents immediately take the candy and find 5-9 safe pieces, often throwing the rest away.

Having a Teal Pumpkin signifies so much more than a candy-less house. It means acceptance and inclusiveness to those who typically miss out. It means seeing SpiderMan’s face light up because you’re not handing out Reese’s or Snickers, the top candy for those without allergies.

A few safe snacks you can pick up:

  • Pretzels – either Snyder or Utz
  • Made Good – they have a variety of safe candy and cookies that are both egg and peanut-free.
  • Veggie Straws
  • Skippers (you can get these at Dave’s Marketplace)

If you would rather stay away from foods, hit up the Dollar Tree or dollar section of Target, and make small goody bags. I usually put in a sticker, stamp, and an eraser. Halloween-themed is always fun, but anything works.

I urge you to make someone’s Halloween and have a Teal Pumpkin – it will make some child so happy, and give parents a wave of relief because their child will feel included and safe. That’s all food allergy parents want; for their kid to feel safe.