Local Schools Expect a Boom in Fundraising


The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here; your favorite wine will now come with Box Tops! You can unwind with friends and give back to your local school at the same time. When interviewed about this upcoming change, local PTO President Sally M said “ This is going to be great for the school, we’ve already put a deposit down for a new Olympic size swimming pool”. Needless to say, parents and school staff alike are excited about the improvements their schools will see. 

We stopped by Buddy Cianci Elementary this week to get the teachers and parents view on this. Reactions were overwhelmingly enthusiastic; Tracy, mom of 3 says – “It makes sense, with everyone being gluten free or allergy conscious these days, no one buys cereal anymore! This is a surefire hit”. Third grade teacher Mrs. F is looking forward to being able to contribute to the fundraising; ” With my busy family life I don’t get to participate as much as I’d like but this is a great way for me to feel like I’m really doing my part.”

All your favorites will have a box top to offer; bottles will be 3 points, boxes 5 and for those who are on a budget but still want to give back, Two Buck Chuck will be, obviously, 2 points.

For those who aren’t fans of vino, Narragansett Beer will be rolling out their box tops with the summer release of Del’s Shandy; you’ll be able to stockpile for the 2019-2020 school year while you soak up the rays this summer.

We’ve all dodged the PTO mom at pickup but now’s your chance to give back! Cut those box tops and fill up your sheets and send them in! We’re as excited about this as we were about Target introducing it’s nap service last year.

Happy April Fools Day!