9 Rhode Island Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers


Does your child love to dance and groove with the music? Is your baby always bouncing along with the bass line? Do you play Dua Lipa’s Levitating and watch as your toddler performs a near-professional choreographed dance routine? (Okay, maybe that last one is just my kid). The point is, my toddler Izzy loves music. Izzy doesn’t go to daycare, so I’ve had music classes for toddlers and babies on my radar for a while! I’m always looking for ways to add more socialization to her routine.

There are so many benefits to baby and toddler music classes. Besides the social skill-building, your small human will begin to learn basic math concepts like counting to the beat. The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences studied the effects of exposing babies to music interventions and group classes. The study showed that through a series of music play sessions, overall brain processes and speech improved.

Okay, okay, I’m sold! Not to mention, it gives me a chance to hang out with other parents and caretakers! (Making mom friends is hard!)

Rhode Island is truly blessed with great music classes for babies and toddlers. Here’s a rundown of music classes throughout the state.

Providence – Music For Children

Lindsay Meehan offers a 24-week music curriculum, September – April, with classes divided by age. Classes for children older than three are independent. Three and under, a grownup must attend class with each child. Tuition starts at $460 with sibling discounts. All classes are held on the East Side of Providence. Lindsay offers the option to sample a class. Music for Children draws from the Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach to music learning.

North Kingstown – South County School of Performing Arts

The school offers music, voice, and theatre classes for people of all ages. Baby and Toddler music classes are called “Music For Minis” and are based on Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. Ten-week sessions cost $250 and it seems that they offer other interval sessions throughout the year as well.

Warwick and Providence – Rock-a-Baby

Eight classes cost $200 with sibling discounts available. There is a drop-in rate of $30 per class. Each week has a general theme and infants and toddlers have an opportunity to engage in interactive play with instruments, live and recorded music, and even puppets! Classes are offered in Warwick and Providence. For a more in-depth look at Rock-a-Baby classes, read this review by Jessica Johnson.

Music Together

With more than 3,000 locations in over 40 countries, Music Together is a popular music class catering to babies, toddlers, and their caregivers. Each location is independent (much like a franchise) but the programming and music curriculum are the same. Rhode Island has several Music Together groups:

Cranston – Lori’s Music Together

Full disclosure: This is the class that Izzy and I attend.
Lori teaches eight mixed-age classes (ages 0-5) and one baby class (ages 0-8 months) each week. Classes run out of two locations in the Edgewood and Pawtuxet Village areas in Cranston. Nine-week session classes cost $180 (with sibling discounts). Lori offers flexibility when possible to make up classes due to illness or schedule conflicts.

Providence – East Side Music Together

Ms. Karen teaches nine mixed-age classes (ages 0-5) each week. Classes run out of two locations in the East Side of Providence. Eight-week session classes cost $175. (with sibling discounts and infant siblings under 9 months are free) Ms. Karen offers a trial drop-in rate of $20 per class.

Warren – Music Together – East Bay

For our families looking to stay on the east side of the Washington Bridge, Danni Cauley teaches 10 mixed-age classes (0-5) each week. Classes are in Warren, RI. Ten-week session classes cost $235 (with reduced pricing for additional siblings and infant siblings under 6 months are free)

East Providence – Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School

Another East Bay option is The RI Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School, which offers a wide range of music classes for children of all ages. In terms of music classes for toddlers and babies, they have “Music Together” programming. With eight classes to choose from, the cost of each 10-week session is $195. (with reduced pricing for additional siblings)

Newport – Music Together of Newport County

Christopher and Katherine Carbone offer online and in-person classes. Nine-week sessions starting at $135. I got a little lost on this website (which could be user error!)  Contact the Carbones directly with any questions about the schedule or tuition. Their contact information is on the website.

Virtual classes – Kindermusik

There are many reasons why a virtual music class might be a better fit for you and your baby or toddler. Kindermusik operates on a subscription model at $75/month. There’s an option to try a free class to see if this model works best for your family.

Are you not sure if a music class is a good fit for your little one? Want to dip your toes into music programming before committing financially? Many of the classes listed above offer an option to try a class or an option to drop in for a single class. Another amazing, and often more affordable resource is your local library. Libraries often have music programming for toddlers and babies for free or at reduced costs. Sometimes there is a series of musical storytime sessions, and other times there will be one-off opportunities for toddlers and babies to explore music. I’ve listed the Providence and Cranston Library listings for children’s programming along with the Ocean State Libraries “Library Locator”

Providence Libraries Children’s Programming
Cranston Libraries Children’s Programming
Rhode Island Library Locator

Do you know of another music class for babies and toddlers? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to my list!



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